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FLIP FLOPS DELIVERY HELP HAITIAN KIDS WALK THROUGH HARSH CONDITIONS “There is so many things that we take here for granted in the United States that Haitians don’t have,” said Noah Buck. Buck is a senior at Quinnipiac University. His trips to Haiti, that began with his school, have changed his life. “They just have so much hardships they are going through and just seeing the positivity,” said Buck. Now, he hopes to change the lives of the kids in that impoverished nation by helping to cover their feet. “They are walking barefoot place to place,” said Buck. There aren’t just any old flip flops, they are Rhino Flops. “Lets be different, lets do something with a cause, lets be different,” said Jane Segall. African inspired, Jane Segall dreams up the designs in her Fairfield basement. The company started after her sister’s dog ate the pair of flip flops she bought her. “I said, ‘So we are going to do cool designs, and the cool designs will hopefully set us apart from your everyday flip flop,'” said Segall. She saw Noah’s campaign and reached out. “He said, ‘We are in desperate need of shoes, they wear no shoes, they walk barefoot sometimes they cut themselves and get infections’ and I said, ‘Oh my god, we can help,'” said Segal. From QU, to Fairfield, to Haiti. Steps will now be much lighter for those walking through life’s harshest conditions. “What I have learned is you don’t have to speak to a child through language. Sometimes it can just be your heart and your smile,” said Buck.

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